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  1写作优秀词语。When asked about the ongoing uproar involving U。S。 President Bill Clinton , most people say the affair involves a purely private matter 。
   But many other people regard his actions as deplorable 。 I personally think the president committed impeachable offences 。



  2。 When it comes to the increasing use of motor vehicles in Beijing , some people think that use should be limited 。
   Others argue that the opposite is true 。 There is probably some truth to both arguments,but emission controls must be instituted regardless of the number of vehicles。


  3。 There is a general debate nowadays about the problem of itinerant workers 。
   Those who object to the rising migrant population argue that increasing numbers lead to rising crime rates and harm social stability 。
   They believe that strict limits should be placed on migrants entering China \’ s cities 。 But people who favor the influx of the cheap labor force , on the other hand , maintain that migrants are needed to support the massive urban infrastructure construction program 。


  4。 It is widely acknowledged that extensive deforestation contributed to heavy summer flooding 。 Experts argue that China must introduce a massive afforestation program 。
   But I doubt whether afforestation alone will solve the problem 。


  5。 Most people are of the opinion that wealth provides solutions to all problems 。 But in spite of the material benefits wealth provides , I believe one should abandon the pursuit of materialism and instead concentrate on the pursuit of happiness 。


  6。 Many people believe that capital punishment deters crime 。
   But although criminologists have conducted exhaustive research regarding the subject , little evidence exists to support the claim 。


  7。 An increasing number of people are joining the \” Information Age \” via the Internet 。
   In reaction to the phenomenon , some say the Internet has removed barrters and provided people with immediate access to the world 。
   But do they raelize that rapidly advancing information technology can also lead to intrusions of privacy ?


  8。 The use of guanxi is a widespread method for conducting business , but is it a wise one ? The method is now being challenged by more and more people 。

  9。 These days we often hear about the widening gap between the rich and poor 。
   Some argue the developed world has totally ignored the problem 。 But has it ? Close examination fails to bear out the argument 。


  10。 We \’ re often told that the world is tethering on the brink of destruction 。
   But is this really the case ?

  21。 Perhaps it is time to reexamine the idea that college degrees are a guarantee of intelligence 。


  22。 A growing number of people are beginning to realize that wealth is not the sole prerequisite for happiness 。


  23。 In spite of the extraordinary progress made in science and technology , problems remain in terms of guaranteeing that achievements benefit the greatest number of people 。


  24。 A famous thinker once wrote that \” the greatest threat to mankind is mankind itself ! \” If this is indeed the case , then the current situation should make us ponder our futuer existence 。


  25。 U。S。 President Harry Truman once remarked : \” The buck stops here ! \” His view has been confirmed by numerous world leaders who have assumed full responsibility for their actions 。


  26。 Large families were once seen as a blessing 。
   Today , however , things are changing and an increasing number of Chinese parents realize that fewer is better 。


  27。 People used to place total reliance on the government 。 The so-called \” iron rice bowl \” prevailed in the past , but things are quite different today 。


  28。 Several years ago , Chinese streets were filled with people wearing identical drab clothing 。
   Today , however , things are quite different and the streets are awash with people wearing fashionable bright colored outfits 。
   Why has the change taken place ?


  29。 Years of observing human behavior has enabled me to conclude that the major difference between mediocrity and success lies solely with the individual concerned 。
   Successful individuals consistently seek advancement , while their less industrious contemporaries are merely content with the status quo 。


  30。 Traditional way of thinking have changed dramatically 。
   The pendulum has swung and people are exhibiting greater open-mindedness and a burning desire to detemine their own destiny 。

  41。 China needs to reexamine the results of political and social modernization in order to ascertain the benefits and indeed the detrimental aspects from a new perspective 。
   Otherwise , various perceived accomplishments might in fact prove to be far from beneficial。


  42。 It is essential to heed warnings of potentially catastrophic consequences associated with the Year 2000 computer bug and , in turn , to attach top priority to finding effective solutions to ensure a smooth transition into the new century 。


  43。 It is high time we put an end to the deplorable practice of infanticide。


  44。 There is little doubt that immediate action is required to eliminate the scourge of corruption once and forever 。


  45。 In short , we must work diligently to make the world a better place for coming generations 。
   We must not persist in pursuits harmful to the environment 。


  46。 We must avoid overindulgence and conspicuous consumption 。
   We must instead continue to recognize the benefits of thrift in order to protect our newfound prosperity 。


  47。 It is absolutely essential to reverse the irrational misuse of nonrenewable resources 。
   For example , fuel-efficient motor vehicles must be developed to reduce oil consumption and alternative energy sources must be found to replace coal 。


  48。 While achieving success is easier said than done , persistence does in fact pay off 。
   One of the most important traits of a successful person is self-confidence , another is desire , and still another is determination 。


  49。 Recognizing a problem is the first step in finding a solution 。


   Many of the explanations offered thus far are at least to a certain extent valid , but none fully address the problem and the issue must be examined in a wider context 。


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